Parent Involvement

The most effective, long-lasting forms of education exist when parents and teachers are on the same page. We believe that parent involvement is a key component to making our center operate to the best of its ability; parents should trust that their children are in good hands and teachers should feel open to discuss a child's development, progress, and overall well-being.
Our center will post news, events, schedules, and menus to ensure parents are always up to date with important information. When it comes to your child, you should never have to question what is happening in their world. We think of our center as your child's home away from home; our staff will work hard to make sure you and your child are comfortable. We encourage any interested parents to stop in for a day and play with us so they can have a clear idea of what life is like at Small Tales.
If any disciplinary, behavioral, or developmental issues arise, our staff will immediately communicate their concerns to the parent. If need be, we will schedule a conference with our director, the student's primary caregiver, and the parent. It is our goal to work together in getting your child on the path to success. In order to succeed together, we will build a strong, reliable relationship between teacher and parent.
Small Tales not only wants parents to be able to stay informed, we want them to get involved! Any time we have a special event or activity we encourage all interested parents to stop by and immerse themselves in the action. We truly hope that your child will love the environment, curriculum, and close bonds we strive to provide and in turn you will watch your child grow each and every day.