the_ugly_ducklingTaking the leap from daycare to elementary school is one of the first big steps a person takes. Not only is it hard for parents to imagine their child finally beginning their education, but a kid has a lot of pressure to be ready socially and developmentally. Pre-K is a great introduction to early education and the perfect last step for a child’s time a Small Tales.
Our teachers will work with students to understand what will be expected of them in the next year and to introduce them to the parts of life they will encounter as a kindergartner. This special age is where children are beginning to build their education with a working understanding of reading, writing, math, and science.
These “building blocks” of education will start to be put together in our Pre-K classrooms as well as the fundamentals of manners, treating others with respect, and being vocal about your feelings. We feel that this age is perfect to begin introducing stories about acceptance and being unique.
The Ugly Duckling, by Hans Christian Andersen, is perhaps one of the most timeless tales of love and understanding; this classic stories tells us to treat everyone equally and that it is good to be different. These values are so important yet somewhat complex so introducing them to this age group will have them headed on the right path before entering kindergarten.
Students who enroll in our Pre-K program will be ready to learn new things and prepared to meet children of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, understanding all the while that this is an exciting new venture where all kinds of kids come together!