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April 2021 Newsletter

Hello Friends and Family,

April was a busy month for all of our friends at Small Tales.  Filled with rain showers that brought flowers!  For anyone that ordered school photos, they were delivered over the last week.  Everyone had picture perfect smiles.  We did experience our first shut down in April due to Covid-19.  We thank all of the parents for their understanding during the weeklong shut down.  Small Tales will continue to do their absolute best to keep everyone safe and avoid any more shut downs.  We ask you to help ensure we can say open by keeping your child or children home if they are sick or if you or another member of your household are sick.  If you are planning a vacation, note that our quarantine guidelines are posted on the door.  Please feel free to reach out to Kristina with any questions.  Thank you in advance for helping us keep the doors open and most importantly, all of our friends and families safe.


Our friends may have little bodies but they have BIG feelings.  We strive to create an environment where all of our friends feel comfortable expressing their emotions but sometimes we all need help identifying how we are feeling.  As our friends grow we work with them to give them the words to express how they are feeling on the inside.


As the weather warms up we will be outside on the playgrounds more.  Please bring in sunscreen and speak with your child/children's teacher(s) to make sure that your sunscreen permission form has been updated.  New York state requires that you sign a permission slip each year for our teachers to be able to apply sunscreen to your child/children.  You may also send in any sun related gear that your child may need.  For example, sunglass and a hat to be kept in their cubby.



Meet Ms. Carol.  Ms. Carol is the cook and featured Teacher of the Month! Ms. Carol does a fantastic job ensuring that every breakfast, lunch and snack that is served follows the New York State nutritional guidelines and that they taste delicious! Ms. Carol is careful to make sure that each of the rooms receive food that is cut to size for the children in that room.  All of the teachers appreciate the care she puts in to creating meals for the children.  In addition, to providing meals and snacks Ms. Carol completed her training and helps cover breaks for the other teachers.  Ms. Carol will jump into any room that she is needed and enjoys getting to spend time playing with all of the children.  If you see Ms. Carol please be sure and let her know just how much you appreciate all of her hard-work and dedication.



Know how to design and maintain a website?  Looking to volunteer and give back to your community?  Small Tales is looking for a volunteer to help maintain their website.  Please reach out to Ms. Kristina if you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering.

If website design and maintenance isn't your cup of tea... please know that Small Tales welcomes all volunteers!!  Like to build things? We would love more shelving in our storage closets help us stay neat and organized.  Please let Ms. Kristina know if you would like to volunteer in a classroom or if you have a particular talent and would like to volunteer your time and skills for a particular project.

Wellness Tip

Looking for a fun way to get moving and involve your little ones?  Our teachers have had good luck with yoga.  It helps are friends breathe, relax, stretch, and exercise.  Try a few minutes everyday with your children to help bond with your children and instill healthy habits.

Click here for a fun Yoga video!

Small Tales is on AmazonSmile.  Please help us raise money for our students by selecting Small Tales as the non-profit you would like your purchases to donate too!  It doesn't cost you a thing.